Top Five System Utilities For Your Chromebook

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System utilities are a staple for any established platform and Chrome OS is no exception. Below are some of the top tools that will aid you in some of the potential obstacles you might encounter in your usage of the Chrome OS platform. 

Now, these aren’t just tools for fixing things, some on this list are tools for modifying certain system settings to suit your preference.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Working in an office environment means that there is a huge chance you might need to connect to another computer within that office either to easily acquire access to files on someone else’s computer or fordiagnosis.

chrome remote desktop

This usually tends to be a method employed the majority of folks in a professional workspace environment.

If you are rocking a Chrome device, Chrome Remote Desktop should be your go-to app due to its robustness and multiplatform capability.

The desktop remote software offers features like ad-hoc remote support for both long and short-term basis.

And since Chrome Remote Desktop is multiplatform (workswith Linux, Mac, and Windows), it doesn’t really matter what OS or device is on the other end is rocking, the experience is consistent across. 

Chromebook Recovery Utility

One of the most efficient practices as an IT professional is creating a separate restoration media for your system in case of an emergency recovery and general maintenance.  

Chromebook Recovery Utility is a tool that assists in the case of creating an emergency restore media. It’s essentially a standalone app available on the Chrome web store.

With an intuitive interface, the program offers a simple yet functional way of going through theprocess of creating the bootable media for your Chromebook.

DropboxFile system for Chromebook

Since Chromebooks are designed to rely heavily on cloud-based on services, they are usually shipped with onboard storage that is usually on a smaller end in comparison with competing platforms. This is all part of Google’s strategy to transition Chrome OS users to a cloud-centric storage. This storage debacle has, however, shown signs of promise with the advent of Android and Linux apps on the Chrome OS platform. These aforementioned two are traditionally reliant on a standard local storage and has seen Chromebooks of recent days shipping with larger storages to match that of their competitors. 

Dropbox, the wide acclaimed cloud service, is a an alternative to Google’s default Drive storage option within Chrome OS. File System is a program that essentially helps you interface with the Dropbox interface and allows you to mount Dropbox onto Chrome OS.

This will give you first-hand access to all the files you have a backed up in your Dropbox account directly within the comfort of Chrome OS’s file manager.

The Great Suspender

It used to be universally accepted that Chromebooks aren’t the most powerfully built systems out there but that perception of the platform has taken a drastic change over the past two years with the proliferation of high-end Chromebooks.  It’s, however, still undeniable that there’s a huge market for low to mid-range ChromeOS hardware hence the reason for our recommendation of this tool.

The Great Suspender

With Chrome OS’s superior memory management system, there’s still a potential of it falling short of expectation on lower-specced devices.  In that case, The GreatSuspender is a tool that comes to mind for easy management of your tabs. The program comes in the form of an extension and basically suspends tabs that have been idle over a period of time. 

Chrome Connectivity Diagnosis

If you are constantly running into network issues on your Chromebook and currently in the market for a tool that can help test and troubleshoot your computer for issues, then Chrome Connectivity Diagnosis is your friend.

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics

This tool can look for issues like network latency and port blocking by establishing a connection between you and the internet through protocols like HTTP, TCP, HTTPS, AND UDP.

The tool allows you to test and pinpoint where the issue is coming from, then tries to find a possible fix.

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