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With how busy being alive is nowadays, completing our daily assigned tasks has become an art form reserved for the most talented. Having several incomplete tasks can clog our mental resources thereby affecting our performance.

A drive to seek better ways to improve task-completion efficiency is one of the main driving forces to write this article.
We feel it’s about time!

Emails are one of the main controlling mechanism of our online culture. An email address of some sort is required to access almost every platform. This, however, has prompted many to have several email accounts to serve the aforementioned purpose.

Without the right tools, having several accounts means you are going to have several tabs open while you’re online, a habit, I personally would not be recommended.

Not only are you putting stress on your system by opening that many tabs, (especially a memory hogger like Chrome), you are going to have to treat each tab as an individual entity thereby wasting time going through your different email accounts individually.

After doing much research on how to stay productive by simultaneously managing several email accounts, here are some of the best tools I’ve come across for your Chromebook.


After its abysmal attempt to claw its way into the smartphone market dominated by Apple and Google, Microsoft has chosen to refocus its strategy by subtly adding its services through well-refined apps on Android and iOS and Outlook happens to be one of them.

Built with simplicity in mind — with an emphasis on user experience –Outlook stands to enjoy massive success in the electronic mail space.

The app integrates well with several of the Redmond-based company’s services like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint allowing you open, edit, and share on the fly.

You can supercharge your workflow by combining almost any email account to the app thereby creating a central hub. It even goes further by allowing integration with Facebook, Twitter, and even Skype.
YouTube vs Facebook

Furthermore, to make everything work incredibly fast and fluid, Outlook automatically fetches updated contact information from any of your connected addresses.

Outlook echoes everything you would need from an email client with its intuitive user interface, rich and powerful features as well as a clutter-free layout.

The app is available as a standalone Android app (for Chromebooks that supports this feature) or as a web app through the Google Webstore.

Easy disposable email address

With the advent of the internet have we seen an increased security risk. For this reason, it’s important for us to cultivate a strong online attitude which includes being wary of how much of your personal data you divulge to unsuspecting websites.

Some platforms have mandated login credentials before you can gain access to services such as downloads or access to exclusive content.

If you do happen to be caught up in such a situation but have no intention of giving away your actual email address — possibly because you hate being spammed with intrusive messages –, then you might want to take a look at this addon for chrome called Easy Disposable Email Address.

The program is exactly what the name implies as it allows you to create a temporary email by automatically filling out the registration forms without you needing to add any personal information.

Whenever there is a need for a disposable email address, just right-click into fields provided and temporary is automatically generated while a new tab posing as your inbox is opened in the background.

Easy Disposable Email Address

Boomerang for Gmail

Is your business expanding exponentially and you are finding it hard to keep track of all the emails you receive? Maybe you are looking for something that can help ease the stress caused by having to manually follow through on every message you receive? Well, you are in luck as Boomerang is a productivity app designed to turn Gmail into a productivity powerhouse.

Boomerang allows you to do so much more with Gmail. The platform comes with integrated features that allow you to compose emails and schedule them to be sent later or even “Snooze” unimportant messages — This moves them to a specific folder which keeps them away from your inbox–  and only “unfreezing” them at the time you had initially specified.

Boomerang allows you to do so much more with Gmail. The platform comes with integrated features that allow you to compose an email and schedule them to be sent later or even “Snooze” unimportant messages — This moves them to a specified folder which keeps them away from your inbox —  and only “unfreezing” them at times you specify.

The app also includes a “read” feature similar to what most instant messaging services offer thereby allowing you to know if and when your emails are read.

This allows you to focus on emails you think are important to you adding flexibility to your workflow.

Checker Plus for Gmail™

If Boomerang doesn’t quite cut it for you, maybe Checker Plus for Gmail™ will. The pulls its best moves when you don’t want to constantly keep opening your email just to stay on top of new updates.

Looking past its beautiful material design. Checker Plus for Gmail™ offers some interesting productivity features that include the ability to read, archive, mark as read or even delete emails without leaving the current tab (you can do all this from the app’s pop up preview menu).

Additionally, the app offers voice notification features as well as the ability to add several Gmail accounts.

Checker Plus for Gmail™

Right Inbox for Gmail

Right Inbox for Gmail might seem like a redundant addition to the list as the app offers identical features to the ones touted by Boomerang but if you want to try out something different, then this software would definitely do the trick.

Right Inbox for Gmail offers a great way to schedule email messages by configuring them to be sent at specific times, on top of that, you can immensely improve your productivity by relying on the app help you not lose track of conversation important to you.

This can be achieved by adding a notifier at times you feel you might want to reply to a message or continue a conversation.

The app does offer the ability to add private notes to your email messages — visible only to you — allowing you formulate better ideas to the specific threads.


Taskforce doesn’t offer any of the mail tracking features that apps above it in the list offers but it does promise to turn your inbox into a canvas for tasks and to-do list creation.

Taskforce allows you to create forms right within your Gmail inbox with little effort, the created to-do list or tasks can later be shared between your contacts.

This not only saves tremendous amounts of time but also helps you stay organized by getting more done.


Thunderbird online Mozilla email client

Quite popular within the open source community, Thunderbird online Mozilla email client is a multi-platform email software that has the added advantage of supporting both RSS and newsgroup.

With support for both POP and IMAP, Thunderbird also integrates fully with LDAP address completion, RSS/Atom reader, S/MIME, and OpenPGP standards the app was able to maintain its position as the number one go-to email client among Linux die-hards.

Though not available as a standalone Android app, Thunderbird is accessible on chrome through an unofficial extension downloadable via the Chrome Webstore.

Thunderbird online Mozilla email client is everything you would want from an email client and more.

Thunderbird online Mozilla email client
Thunderbird online Mozilla email client


AquaMail for Chrome might sound like an Android app, and that is because it is in fact one. After a long stint in the Play Store, the app has made its way to the Chrome Webstore in the form of an extension.

The extension offers all the bells and whistles that the Pro version of the app on the Play Store offers like support for some of the well-known standard Internet email protocols (IMAP, POP3, SMTP) as well as Microsoft’s EWS (Exchange Web Services) allowing it to flawlessly work with almost every email service available.

If you use Gmail, GMX, AOL or any of the services with servers that support IDLE extension, the client will grant you access to Push mail for IMAP or instant incoming email delivery.

Have an email account with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, or even Apple mail services? AquaMail allows full integration that promises to play nice with other email apps that you may already have installed. The app will also help you keep track of everything using existing folder structure, and can synchronize drafts, sent, and deleted messages.

AquaMail Pro

Blue Mail – Email & Calendar App – Mailbox

Blue Mail is one of my favorite email clients at the moment. The developers of this app seem to put tremendous effort towards making the app look visually appealing and not just for artistic reasons.

The comfortable appearance of the main UI is due to the fact that the items are cleverly arranged to reflect a unified experience regardless of the number of accounts added to Blue Mail (it supports many).

Blue Mail supports all the big email players like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, Alto, iCloud and even Microsoft’s proprietary Office 365.

Using this app grants you access to some of the best communication protocols like Support for IMAP, POP3 + Exchange (ActiveSync, EWS, 365) Auto Configuration.

There is also a “schedule mail” feature that allows emails to be sent at specified dates and to protect your data, all communication using Blue Mail is encrypted.

Blue Mail Email Calendar App Mailbox
Blue Mail Email Calendar App Mailbox

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section!

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