Google on the Verge of releasing Dual-Boot Support for Microsoft Windows on Chromebooks

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Over the course of the past few month, rumors about an undertaking in Chrome OS that will enable Microsoft Windows to run side by side with Chrome OS has been spreading like wildfire.

The folks over at Google are reportedly working on code commits for the project known internally as Campfire and sure does suggest that an official announcement is well underway.

Initially tagged with the moniker Alt-OS, Google has taken the bold step to rename it a more familiar “Dual boot”.

This project is still under heavy development and currently only support the Pixelbook of whose codename is infamously known as “Eve”.

However, there are certain hardware requirements needed in order to switch between Chrome OS and Microsoft Windows. As per Kevin’s research over at AboutChromebooks, Google is planning to mark off 40 GB of storage for Windows, but there is no official announcement about this yet. However, considering “Eve” has the required specifications for booting Windows, we can make the deduction that any device deemed worthy of the Linux support might as well get the “Dual-boot” feature.

I’m making this speculation on the assumption that the feature will supposedly be prepacked with the Chrome OS system which might require a later kernel module for proper functioning. This is in lieu of the fact that Chromebooks typically ship with a specific kernel version and remain with it till their end of life.

For now, “Eve” is the only device used in testing features and booting both operating systems back and forth.

As it is with projects such as this, there’s the potential for a massive security flaw that might compromise the core Chrome OS system. This is a known concern and the developers are working hard to effectively negate it.

Furthermore, it is possible that we will see an official announcement in the coming weeks if not at CES 2019, however unlikly that may sound.

What are your thoughts on this latest Chrome OS development? Let us know in the comments.

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