Group Video Calls and Low light mode Reportedly in the Works for Duo

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Google Duo has made headway on traditional Android over the course of its existence prompting the search engine giant to make its introduction to the its desktop platform.

This was a calculated move considering that Google Hangout was getting folded into Google’s G Suite enterprise platform thereby making Duo the sensible alternative for migration.

Given the rapid pace of development the app has seen over the past few months, it’s well understood that this is particularly in lieu of the fact that it’s become the primary means of video chatting and faces indirect competition from the likes of Apple’s iMessage.

Google Duo Groups

Group calling has been standard for any video chatting platform and has been rumored to be in the works for Google Duo. The feature is expected to support up to 7 people simultaneously. Furthermore, there’s an alleged low-light mode also in the works for an official debut not too far off.

We’re still in the dark on the details of how the alleged low-light mode will work with Duo but we can, however, assume it’d be a feature similar to the night mode on the Pixel series. A feature with lots of potential that will effectively brighten a poorly lit environment.

Google Duo group call

Our source, Android Police, also highlighted the possibility that you may not be able to add anyone else to a video chat that’s already begun. However, you may be able to create multiple groups that will always be accessible for convenience at the top of your contacts list.

As with features such as these, it appears to be undergoing an internal test with a very limited rollout that’s handled by a server-side switch.

We’ll update you as soon as we learn more!

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