Google Hard at Work on a Fixing Chrome OS’s Lag issue on Tablets

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It’s a rare occurrence in the Chrome OS user base to hear of users languish of a laggy UI experience as the platform is touted as a rock-solid, no-frills computing experience. It’d, however, seem Google had rested on their laurels in their development of the tablet category as the software experience is mostly subpar in its delivery of the Chrome OS experience we’ve come to love.

Understandably, it’s a new category and it’s only wise for them to tread carefully. Sadly, however, it’d seem they’d taken more missteps than the tech community would be willing to forgive.

From MKBHD’s review of the entry level variant of Pixel Slate to The Verge’s review of the $1000 core i5 model, the huge takeaway from both videos is unfortunately that the experience on both devices is lackluster irrespective of internal hardware specs.

Thankfully, Google has taken note and has done right by Chrome users by announcing a fix for the lag that currently plagues Chrome OS devices in the tablet category.

According to ChromeUnboxed’s discovery of a recent bug tracker, the tablet mode lag which is prominent in the multitasking screen is as a result of what is purely an aesthetic need. Google’s been hell-bent on making its user interface as much of eye-candy as it possibly can. In this case, there’s the particular need for the rounded corners that resulted in the drop in frame rate on the multitasking screen which is correlated with the sluggishness characterized by the Pixel Slate’s UI.

We have no information on when this update will be pushed out but if Chrome OS image is anything to be worried about, then we can be rest assured that it’d be sooner rather than later.

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