Hi-DPI Toggle Support For Linux Apps Lands in Dev. V72 update

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It’s quite apparent that Google is solidifying its position on Project Crostini to effectively increase its appeal amongst its most devoted user-base.

This effort is evident in the rather early availability of the Linux container in the stable channel of the Chrome operating system even though it still carried the beta tag. In comparison, Android took a much longer time before it became available for wider adoption. You could argue the pace of the developement and compatibility layers might have been the culprit but there’s no arguing that Google is vying for a wider adoption of Crostini.

The V72 update of the dev channel has seen to the introduction of a much-needed feature that would enable you to adjust the density of your display depending on the app that’s running. This feature is particularly useful for high-end devices that come with a high-res display which has proven difficult for Linux app to scale efficiently.

As indicated in the image below, you can either toggle it to a low or high density and the system will save your setting memory so then when next you launch the app, it launches with the density you’ve assigned to it. This setting is, however, imperfect but you can be rest assured that Google will iron out the quirks as time goes on.

Gimp hidpi option in chrome os

Have you had any luck with the feature? Let us know in the comments!

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