Huge Cutback on Pixelbook’s Price

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When it comes to choosing the ideal Chromebook, Pixelbook has been the go-to choice for most powers users and has also managed to bridge the gap across the Chrome OS user base.

With the rapid development of the Chrome OS platform, the tension is theoretically on and we can very much attribute this success to Chrome OS’s maturity. Furthermore, Google’s hardware division remains at the forefront of this success.

With the Pixelbook being the latest in the series of Google-made Chrome hardware, with an original MSRP of $1000, it continues to receive discounts that range anywhere from 300-400 dollars. Despite the discount on the price, the Lenovo Yoga C630, HP x360, the Dell Inspiron 14 and the HP x2 typically go on deals far less than the knock-off price of the Pixelbook.

The current Pixelbook deal has a refurbised status but however carries a Geek Squad certificate stamp. Geek Squad Certified provides a thorough examination of returned devices that has been taken out of their box. The devices go through factory rest after each part has been properly cleaned, tried out to guarantee it is fully functioning then imposed with a 90-day warranty. Consumers are given the confidence that despite spending a large amount of money, they will be able to take the product back to the store.

These devices, due to their nature, are given a substantial discount, which in all essence prevent consumers from losing out.

You have the options of getting it from BestBuy’s store on Ebay or directly from BestBuy online itself for $600

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