How to Enable Dark Mode Within Chrome

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Dark Theme

It has long been an accepted fact that an increase in display brightness has an unfavorable impact on the life expectancy of the battery powering the device be it a laptop or smartphone.

A fact admitted by Google when, during last year’s Android Dev Summit, the company conceded defeat by apologizing on it’s insistence that white should be used by developers through it’s material design initiative.

Dark Theme
Dark Theme

During the event in which the company promoted it’s updated Material initiative, Google confirmed, through a thorough presentation that’s centered around “Dark mode” and how it affects battery life and performance, that using less white improves battery performance.

The search giant went further into to explain that among the three primary colors, blue uses up the most power, at about 25 percent more compared to both red and green.

To mitigate this issue, Dark mode is going to be the centerpiece for its newest design initiative with Apps like YouTube, Android messages, Google News all benefiting from the newest design overlay.

Admittingly, Dark mode for Chrome OS hasn’t officially arrive but there are some Chrome Web Store extensions that can change the display interface of websites hence giving them a dark makeover.

Here Are The Top Chrome Extensions You Should Look Into:

Dark Reader

Dark Night Mode

Dark Mode

Note: These are only extensions for the Chrome browser and only change the appearance of websites.

If you are impatient and know your way around the inner workings of Chrome, you might want to take a look at this Reddit post illustrating a working dark mode for Chrome.

Dark Mode For Chrome Reddit

It is worth noting that this feature is a work in progress and might not function as expected. Let us know if there’s anything we missed.

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