Our First Ever AMD-Powered Chromebook Arrives From HP

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HP AMD Chromebook

With Chromebooks slowly gaining traction within the general public, device manufacturers are taking the liberty to try out new things by baking Chrome OS with certain distinct hardware configurations.

With rumors already circulating about a Snapdragon-powered Chromebook –with an expected release in mid-2019– it was only a matter of time before we are served with a Chrome OS device running on an AMD hardware.

With this year’s CES just 48 hours away, HP seems to have beaten everyone to the punch by announcing it is releasing the first workable AMD powered Chromebook as reported by PC Mag.

The device is set to give Chromebooks a much needed bump in the graphical department with the introduction of either an intergrated Radeon R4 or Radeon R5 graphics.

The Chromebook is set run either the AMD A4 and A6 CPUs and is said to feature two display configurations with one being a 1366 x 768 non-touch screen and the other a Full HD (1920 x 1080) touchscreen — the latter will set you back an additional $30 though.

Other features include USB Type-C ports, as well as two USB 2.0 Type A ports. There will be three color variants of Charcoal grey, Ink Blue and Snow White.

The device is expected to support the Google Play Store with a purported battery life of 9 hours 15 minutes under moderate workloads.

More details about the AMD powered Chromebook are expected to come to light during and after CES and we will keep you posted but if you have seen enough to want to add it to your wishlist, the HP Chromebook 14 is expected to cost $269.

Lastly, you can watch a hands-on video from Engadget here.

HP Chromebook 14

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