Games For Your Chromebook With Controller Support Part 1

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Top best gamepad games for chrome os part 1

Until Google’s Project Stream becomes mainstream, Chromebooks are always going to fall under the casual tier as far as gaming is concern.

This, however, does not imply that gaming on a Chromebook is nonexistent. With Play Store availability, you are guaranteed to find something worth playing since the dedicated Android app repository is teeming with games for every category.

Most Android games are designed with touchscreens in mind — due to the fact that they are mostly played on mobile phones — but with the introduction of the Adroid TV platforms powering devices such as the Nvidia Shield and similar third-party controller accessories for smartphones, gaming on Android has become a lot more immersive.

if you own a Chromebook and currently in the market for games that play nice with an external controller, then this list is perfect for you.

I’ve scavenged the interwebs for games that actually work pretty well with a connected controller — Bluetooth in my case — and here is my list.

Modern Combat 5

There are so many first person shooters available on the Play Store with the “best” being thrown around quite a lot, but very few of them are actually good and those that are aren’t free.

Modern Combat 5 however, is not just visually appealing, it has some of the best gameplay mechanics I’ve ever seen in a game designed for a smartphone and on top of that, it is free.

You can play solo in fast-paced solo missions or dog it out in multiplayer with other players in intense squad vs squad matches.

The game is designed to support several controller variations but requires constant internet to play.


This game is no NBA 2K — it is not even trying to be — but extremely fun and addictive nonetheless. The game features four different playing modes that includes local multiplayer that you can enjoy with friends via a local WiFi or Bluetooth.

Its other modes are jumping right into the action through the Play Mode or survival of the fittest type campaign.

The game’s controls are quite easy to get familiar with since it is optimized for Android TV, using it in conjunction with a controller is a smooth and fun experience.

Pocket Rally

Very few LITE games get it right in both the visually– for the totally game size– and gameplay department but among the games I’ve come across under this tier, Pocket Rally LITE is amazing for what it is.

The game has two enjoyable modes of play. There is the Challenge mode and Single Race mode and as you progress through the game, you can unlock additional cars and tracks

Another reason it made the list is its support for 6 control modes (including MOGA(TM) controllers and generic Bluetooth/OTG/USB gamepads) and 3 camera angles (in-game toggleable) to choose from.

The game comes in both a full and lite version with the former going for $1 and the later being free.

The Harmony Of Buku

The Harmony Of Buku is quite an interesting platformer game that leans a little bit on the nostalgia side by drawing inspiration from classic hits like Crash Bandicoot and Zelda.

The game centers around a young hero who is tasked with restoring lost music of the world as he ventures through thirteen entertaining levels and face off against three challenging bosses.One of the most interesting features of The Harmony Of Buku is its level editor mode.

This feature allows players to create their own levels in the game that can be shared with other people online.


If you love Gears Of War, then SHADOWGUN should be a no-brainer since some of the gameplay elements are so similar like camera angle and character design — though this version pits you against cyborgs, battle droids, and genetically-enhanced humanoids rather than the Locust.

There is no Macus but you play as a ruthless bounty hunter John Slade, who is tasked with tracking and taking down Dr. Edgar Simon, an evil scientist.

The story is engaging and the enemy A.I is top-notch — enemies flank, seek cover and utilize teamwork to take you down — making things a little hairy if you do not utilize a capable tactical mindset during gameplay.


Online multiplayer games aren’t really my thing partly due to the fact that I live in area with an abysmal internet connection. But if you enjoy online games especially FPS with amazing controller support for your Chromebook, then INFINITY OPS: Sci-Fi FPS should be perfect for you.

The game is created around a futuristic setting with humanity so advance technology wise giving birth to the chaos of interplanetary warfare.

The game features several online gameplay modes like Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Hardcore, and Custom game.


With over 91 million players and already released on several platforms, Minecraft — a “blocky” sandboxed 3D game — is well known around the world.

The game’s popularity have spawn several releases with new modes being constantly added including the recently released Aquatic updated which allows players to treasure hunt on beaches and in the deepest part of the sea.

The Android version of the game features all the modes that make Minecraft great like exploration, world-building, and combat. The app is available for $6.99 on the Play Store.

Riptide GP: Renegade

If you’re tired of racing with cars want something more wild and futuristic, Riptide GP: Renegade should get you covered.

RIding illicit hydrojets to race illegally through city waterways, flooded ruins, and churning factory machinery to earn cash which can be used to customize your vehicle and character.

The game offers several modes that includes split screen multiplayer — where you can play with up to four of your friends on a single device.

The is really addictive if you love out worldly racing games and controls are well optimised to support external bluetooth controllers.

UNKILLED – Zombie FPS Shooting Game

The place is New York City but not New York CIty like you would have imagined. The City has become epicenter for an out of control zombie apocalypse.

You play as a member of the WolfPack team — an Elite commando squad — tasked with the job of cleaning up the zombie problem and figuring out where it all began.

The developers of the game made great use of real-time soft shadows and high-polygon character models to make the game visual appealing.

The game features several modes that includes first person PvP multiplayer or you can just build your very own zombie army in Skirmish Ops and go to war against other players bases which in itself is a fun change of pace.

Riptide GP2

Riptide GP2 shares several similarities with Riptide GP: Renegade but it is a fun game nonetheless.

This futuristic racing game equips players with rocket water gliding jet skies which can be use to race each other or against A.I.

The game features several adrenaline-inducing modes that include online multiplayer. Race through dynamic waterways and perform gravity-defying stunts through an immersively addictive world.

This list isn’t comprehensive as I only picked games I found to work well with my controller. We’ll also be turning this into a series wherein there’ll be different parts. If you do have any suggestions for us, do leave them in the comments.

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