Google Chrome Developers Recreate ‘Etch A Sketch’ From Lab Experiment

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web a sketch

Developers from Google had a breakthrough with a new application after given the go-ahead to experiment with Chrome Labs. This led to the developers creating a de-facto Etch A Sketch, which is compatible with not only Chrome but also on browsers like Opera and Firefox. This virtual app is a carbon copy of the mechanic drawing toy which was invented by André Cassagnes of France in 1960.

The application which goes by the name ‘Web A Skeb’ works perfectly like a drawing board, although it requires more than one try to sketch an okay image. But, as they say, practice makes perfect. The developer’s initial intention was to create a test run by allowing users to twist the knobs with the help of their trackpad or mouse for input purposes. As it seems right now, there is still need for some few tweaks and modification on the UI to enable one sketch with the use of their arrow keys and enhance accessibility as well.

The app has a “Shake” button, imitating the original invention. This gives users the ability to erase their sketch and start from scratch, although in this case, you will have to press it a couple of times. The option comes with some additional features which give effect to your sketches. Talk about throwback Thursday. Documentation is available on Github as you might imagine and can head over to this link to try it out.

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