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Games like Fortnite and Player Unknown Battleground have dominated the mainstream media in the past couple of years propelling the Battle Royale genre to unimaginable heights but there are some of us who still prefer a well-written story driven game over the much-hyped kill or be killed kind of shooters.

Mobile gaming, on the other hand, isn’t really considered as “Gaming” in certain spheres, but recent releases have put a huge dent on that notion as developers push the boundaries of quality mobile games as they are no longer anchored by hardware limitation of smartphones.

Despite the Play Store’s enormous collection of games, there are some that don’t encompass the quality it requires to hook a gamer on for hours on end.

If you are using a Chromebook and currently on the lookout for RPG games that are fun, entertaining, filled with life and so much more, this list is geared towards you.

To make your search a little less tedious, I have put together some of the best role-playing games you can play on your Chrome device.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Back in 2004, this game was what Fortnite is today and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was able to garner extremely positive reviews for the story, amazing world, and well laid out missions.

Though the game finally got ported over to Android, it is in no way compress and nothing is left out of the 2003 version of the game. This is evident in its rather huge download size and waiting for it to finish downloading might be infuriating if you’re on a very slow network.

The wait is totally worth it though as this is the best Star War experience on the Android/Chrome platform since you are getting the full KOTOR experience from the previous era.

The game is set four thousand years before the Galactic Empire and hundreds of Jedi Knights have been slain in battle.

You are the last hope of the Jedi Order and must master the amazing power of the FORCE with over 40 different variations.

Select from a unique set of characters and adventure through legendary locations within the Star Wars lore.

The game will set you back around $10 but I think the price is worth the experience you will get in return.

Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG

Role-playing games don’t usually rely on combat or detailed graphics to make themselves stand apart from other competing genres– in some cases, there isn’t any combat — but instead, put a lot of emphasis on good-engaging stories.

Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG falls impressively into this category and you only have to watch the game’s thriller to get my meaning.

The developers of this game seem to want it to run on any device — even on your potato Chromebook– evident in the game’s 100mb total file size.

Despite its miniature file size and somewhat outdated 3D graphics, this game is packed with content.

The game centres around a hero dubbed Crimson Warden, who is among the king’s elite force task with finding and defending civilians from monstrous dark beings who wander an accursed fantastical realm.

The story unfolds as you successfully complete quests and you upgrade your hero using skill points and loot earn/found while playing.

The game isn’t much to look at from a visual standpoint but makes up for it with great storytelling and it’s free.

Blade & Wings: Future Fantasy 3D Anime MMORPG Game

Another 3D RPG that does a little better in both the combat and visual front in comparison to Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden and to be honest, Blade and Wings does borrow some of the elements from Final Fantasy 14.

Blade and Wings is MMORPG were you journey through treacherous dungeons to embark on quests that determine your own faith.

The anime-themed game allows players to tame defeated bosses and demons into their own personal pets which in turn improves the players overall strength. Mythical equipment and emblem materials can be earned through arena which the player can use to improve stats.

Blade and Wings feature several modes including both PVP and PVE pitching the player against other players for a chance to win items or against A.I controlled NPCs.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

The game is reminiscent of the famous Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game — in fact, it allegedly uses a modified version of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition rules.

You assume the role of the main character who is forced to leave their beloved home under mysterious circumstances and thrust into a conflict against men and monsters.

Since this is a rework of the original version of the game released in 1998, Baldur’s Gate contains all the fun potion mastering, spell casting, and character customization that fans are accustomed to from the original as well as the entire 60-hour adventure. It’s available on the Play Store for $10

Ravensword: Shadowlands

There are a few games you can download from the Play Store that are able to capture awe atmospheric presence of fantastical lands but Ravensword: Shadowlands does come pretty close.

This game is an extremely graphically pronounce as the attention to detail is evident in how your character interacts with the gameplay world.

The features precision based combat as well as blocking for an immersive gaming experience and players can switch between first and third person perspectives with fluidity.

Use magic runes, lockpick your way through locked pathways, and mount horses for an unmatched combat position.

The game centres around a hero forced to save the world from itself as it slowly descends into chaos even after the defeat of the demon lord who terrorizes the lands for ages.

All this is done while exploring a richly detailed world while gathering powerful items and wielding magical demon slaying weapons. It’s priced at $7 on the Play Store.

 Assassin’s Creed Identity

I am a big fan of the Assassin’s Creed video game series and love the setting and stealth kills.    

Assassin’s Creed Identity is perfect for those looking to get their gravity-defying leaps of faith fixes on a lesser scale– since the game is designed for mobile devices but still adhere to the traditions of the brotherhood with its gameplay mechanics.

You select from a list of classes that includes Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster or Thief and customize your characters outfits and weapons from look gathered throughout the game.

Each class offers a unique set of skills and abilities and due to the game’s somewhat open world nature, you take in the full experience of the action RPG elements of the game which are explored to their fullest. It’s available for $2 on the Play Store.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The game made our list of top games you should check out this year and here it is again but this time because of its Role Playing elements.

The game is beloved by almost all that follows the Grand Theft Auto franchise and this incarnation of the game captures all the nostalgia magic that made the 2004 version of the game so popular.

For those new to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the game centres around Carl, who just returned home to find his mother murdered, friends indulging in activities that could either get them killed or worse and family torn apart.

To make things worse than they already are, Carl is framed by corrupt cops and most journey through San Andreas in a bit to clear his name and save his hood. It goes for the price of $7 as well on the Play Store.


Another game ported over to mobile is the entry to the Final Fantasy series that marked the returned to the franchises medieval setting.

A refreshing return as prior releases focused on a more futuristic Final Fantasy world. The game centres around Zidane Tribal, who kidnaps Alexandrian princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII the heir to Alexandra.

Surprisingly enough, the princess didn’t like it in the kingdom anyways and proceeded to join Zidane’s club of renegades that includes her personal guard personal guard, Steiner.

Gameplay includes learning new abilities by equipping items and when the abilities are fully mastered offers nearly endless customization options. The game comes in at a pretty steep price of $21.

Dungeon Hunter 5

There several downloadable hack and slash games on the Play Store but I haven’t come any that captures the action part of hacking and slashing like Dungeon Hunter 5.

Born in an era where chaos is abound and threats come from all corners, your character must decide to fight for the weak or sell his skills to the highest bidder.

The game is rich and massive –both its gameplay world and filesize are enormous– and features several modes that include a story mode, an online mode, and co-op mode.

As you progress through its massive world, you are forced to fight bone-chilling monsters, bandits and terrors of unspeakable proportions while levelling your character and uncovering the game’s lore.

The game features over 900 weapons to slay demons with at your heart’s content and hundreds of different spells and skills to acquire.

Arcane Quest 3

The last on the list is Arcane Quest 3 which I think most fans of table top or choose your adventure game fans would totally adore.

The features a detailed yet streamlined playing mechanics with a large variety of enemies. Loot and equipment is plentiful and there are several dungeons you could explore.

You can formulate your character from ten different classes with each offering an intriguing set of abilities.

That is it, folks! You can drop in your suggestions of games you think will be deserving of this land feel free to let us know how you feel about our selection in the comments.

Lamin Kanteh

I live, breath, and dream technology. I've only known myself to push the boundaries on what's possible in my mental scope in relation to technology. And having been a writer for the good part of the past three years (covering varying subjects on the major mobile platforms), No place has ever felt more like home than Chrome OS. And as you may know, Chrome OS is ushering us into a future of the unknown and I'm here to help in the process of easing the way into that future via ItsChromeOS.

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