Google Stops Manufacturing of Chromecast Audio Products

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Chromecast audio 2

It breaks our heart to know that Google will be putting an end to manufacturing more Chromecast Audio products henceforth. As most of us know, Google’s Chromecast Audio is one of a kind, its exclusive audio feature makes it standout and allows one to add any ‘dumb’ speaker to their Google Cast setup.

The company has stopped all manufacturing of the Chromcast Audio and urge users to make use of the wide-range of GoogleNow-powered audio products available. Those still using the Chromecast Audio devices will be offered any assistance by Google when needed, to ensure that Users enjoy the most out of it.

Google Chromecast Audio
Chromecast audio

Unfortunately, there is no other cheaper alternative that has the same set of features similar to that of the Chromecast Audio.

Be that as it may, the Amazon Echo Dot which has a 3.5mm line-out audio cable, a 1.6-inch speaker and responds to voice command; will make the cut, since it’s usually on sale for $30, but it seems like the Google Home Mini just won’t do.

With the new Google Home Mini expected to hit the market soon, Chromecast Audio had to be out of the way.

On the bright side, however, you can still grab yourself a Chroecast Audio for an affordable amount at any of the major virtual retail stores before it runs out of stock.

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