Media Key functionality is Underway in Chrome OS

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media keys chrome os

The evolution of the Chrome operating system over the past couple of years has theoretically been unprecedented given that it’s barely 8 years old. The operating system is gradually morphing into something of a full-blown challenger to Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS and they’re doing this by imitation. This essential means Google has been implementing features that make the aforementioned platforms great into the Chrome operating system. This is, by all means, a welcome move as it further negates our need for the alternate platforms.

media keys chrome os
Media keys on Chrome keyboard

Undoubtedly, Microsoft has done a lot of things right despite their shortcomings. Imitation, after all, is the sincerest form of flattery.

This observation is in light of a recent development in the Chromium repository which highlights upcoming support for the Media session API, a feature that’s been in existence in Windows for a good while. It is said that the proposed functionality will be platform-agnostic such that it’d become a part of the core of the Chromium OS code hence making it available outside of the proprietary Chrome development cycle.

Enable Media Session API on desktop for Windows and Chrome OS as these platforms have features shipping in M73 that will make use of the API.

Becca Hughes,

Ironically enough, Microsoft’s Edge Browser remains lacking in this department and will continue to maintain that status quo pending the time they make a switch of their browser engine to Chromium’s blink engine. The Media API will see a wide rollout with the upcoming M73 update and we’ll be here to update you on how it stacks to that of Windows.

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