Google Debuts a Plethora of Themes For Chrome

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chrome honeysuckle theme

Themes aren’t necessarily a luxury for the Chrome experience as they are plentiful on the Chrome Web Store and that’s for a good reason as you’d agree that the standard Chrome UI layout is pretty bland and unimpressive. And considering how consistency is paramount to the experience of a desktop environment, it is particularly a delight that Google took the initiative to drastically improve the UI elements of Chrome OS albeit with the exception of Linux apps.

chrome theme selection
Official Chrome theme selection

Thankfully, Google is gearing up and constantly working on providing official solutions to further mitigate some of the inconsistencies Chrome OS is notorious for.

Their latest attempt in this effort is the official announcement of their in-house theme solutions for the Chrome browser.

There are a total of 14 themes namely: Just Black, Oceanic, Ultra Violet, Banana, Slate, Black and White, Honeysuckle, Rose, Serenity, Sea Foam, Classic Blue, Marsala, High contrast colorful, Pretty in Pink.

chrome high contrast theme
High contrast colorful
chrome honeysuckle theme
Honeysuckle theme

Head over to the list and make your selection. Also, if you’re interested in making your Linux apps match with your current theme, then you might find our tutorial on how to make your Linux apps more in line with the rest of your Chrome system useful.


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