Incognito Mode Window Count Makes an Entrance in Chrome

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The best thing about any sort of private browsing is the ability to hide ones data so as to prevent prying eyes from studying your browser activity later on.

This feature is tagged with the moniker “incognito mode” in Chrome and has been ever so functional as expected.

Enable Chrome Incognito window count

Like every other aspect of Chrome that has seen some sort of change including the recent announcal of official Google themes, Incognito mode is speculated to be renamed to “private mode”. Perhaps more importantly, there’s currently a
“Incognito Window counter”  flag in Chrome://flags that enables an experimental feature wherein your incognito window count will be displayed provided it is more than one with the ability to close all the windows at once when you click on the incognito icon.

Chrome Incognito window count

As indicated in this commit, there are plans to make this behavior the default for the Chrome incognito experience. However, there’s no timeline for when it’ll actually role out to the stable channel. But whatever happens, we’ll be sure to keep you up to speed.


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