Chromecast Support and Playback Resume Coming to Native Chrome OS Video Player

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chrome os video player

The native video player in Chrome OS doesn’t necessarily get all the credits it deserves despite its robust feature-set. More often than not, people get reffered to the competing third party video players and quite understandably, they do have a reputation that precede them. But perhaps, not for so long …

As it’s very well known, Google is ramping up its efforts in with the development of Chrome OS with new features making headline every week.

In my perusing of the commits over at the Chromium Gerrit, it’s my delight to discover a “[CrOS Video Player] Save/restore playback position” feature currently in the works. Essentially, it’s a noteworthy feature that enables you to continue your video playback where you left off peradventure you mistakenly/intentionally close out of the video.

In my excitement, I went on to chrome://flags in an attempt to search for the specific flag and enable the feature for a test run, but to my dismay, I instead found a flag for the “experimental Chromecast support for video player”.

Naturally, I was a bit excited – as I had something else to make up for what I was originally curious of – and immediately enabled it to test it out and thankfully, it worked on my Chromebook Pro and Pixelbook – both of which are on the 73.0.3683.20 dev build with Android 7.1 and 9.0 respectively.

We do know that the code for the playback feature is currently being reviewed but we remain uncertain as to when it’ll make primetime or when the experimental Chromecast feature will make it to the stable channel. Be that as it may, we’ll be here to update you on the latest findings as they develop.


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