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It is no secret that the internet has in many ways made communication in particular and life in general far easier.

It has simplified or changed the way information is stored and retrieved making things like mail deliveries, shopping, bank transaction, data exchange, just to name a few to take few seconds to complete rather having to wait for days.

Despite its many benefits, the internet, in many ways, has become far too reaching into our personal lives mainly due to the fact that we willing sacrifice our personal data for free access to platforms and their services.

Ultimately, personal user data has become a gold mine for large cooperations like Facebook and Google and these organizations either sell or directly use access to data sets for a range of things like personality profiling, advertisements, means to promote propaganda, or in some extreme cases, influence an election.  

The 2018 data scandal involving Cambridge Analytics and Facebook. The former hid behind a survey that allows them to harvest millions of Facebook users accounts without their consent.  This shed light on how big data companies like Facebook are not putting in place enough security measures to protect user data.

The Cambridge Analytics scandal is just one of many situations where companies would employ any means – ethical or not – to access user information.

There are few ways you can protect yourself and your personal information and one of them is through Trustwire.

What is Trustwire?

Trustwire is a new software company that leverages already available technologies like End-to-end encryption to create a robust and secure file storage and exchange platform.

With information now the new Gold Rush and companies that horde and store them painting instant bullseyes on their backs, Trustwire aims to minimize risk of data breaches thereby protecting user information that would otherwise be vulnerable.

The company promised a security solution that is secure and easy to use allowing anyone with little or no knowledge of cybersecurity to manage and protect content they share online.     

Trustwire provides many options for the everyday computer user as well as large and small businesses.

It opens up the world of computing to a broader range of uses as the platform can deployed through several services like finance, healthcare, law, accounting, and security.

With Trustwire, users are in control of their data and who they want to have access to it since emails are susceptible to breaches and content residing in the cloud through services like Dropbox and OneDrive can be read.

Trustwire puts a blanket of near-impenetrable secure encryption over your data where even the company itself can’t read using only verified open source cryptography libraries.

These libraries have been throurougly examined by security experts ensuring that they are both secure and don’t have backdoors built in.


  • True end-to-end encrypted for the files shared and stored with Trustwire
  • Strong AES 256-bit and RSA 4096-bit encryption
  • An intuitive yet simple-to-use user interface
  • Find your files easily and quickly through its advanced search feature
  • Ability to upload and store your personal files in a secure cloud storage
  • Categorize and identify your files easily using tags
  • Contact management
  • Send files anonymously

How to Access and use Trustwire

Accessing Trustwire is really quite simple and idiot proof if I might add. Open your favorite portal to the internet and type in to sign up.

This will present you with two options, one is to thirty-day free trail for the business offering after which you will be pay $12.50 per month for each person in your business that requires cloud storage.

Trustwire company Logo

The second option is to sign up for a free account or Basic as it is called on the website. Creating an account requires a few simple steps.

Provide your email address in the first box, type your password in the second and re-type your password in the following box, then hit the create account button.

The account grants you all the features of the platform atop 2GB of online storage.


Built from the ground up as a security-centric platform, Trustwire is positioning itself nicely in an industry marred by unscrupulous practices by companies’ tasked with defending and protecting user data and privacy.

Though a newcomer in an industry filled to brim with companies offering similar services, if, given the chance, Trustwire could become the de facto standard in the secure file storage and sharing business.

Note: Currently, the platform is only accessible through the web portal but after reaching out to its developers, it is confirmed that work is being done to bring Trustwire to all major platforms including Android.

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