Ten Great Android Apps For Your New Chromebook

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It is amazing to think we’ve been to the moon using technology far inferior to what sits within the laptops in our bags and the phones in our pockets.

Technology has moved at such a rapid pace that devices have become more powerful despite shedding much of their weight and mass.

But, a device, no matter how advanced, is only as efficient as the person using it. Having the right device is always half the requirement, what you put in it to increase its efficiency and tame its immense power is also as important.

Chromebooks have always been assumed to be inferior when compared to the competition mostly due to lack of available programs. This is mostly due to the platform’s barebones appearance and limited scope of apps that have all the winning features.

Currently forced to settle with just Web and Android Store, one might think Chromebooks aren’t worth the bite when looking into purchasing a device, but with that combination of apps repositories and not leaving out Linux, you could in fact turn your device into a good enough companion.

Here are ten of the most refined Android-based apps we think you should have in your new Chrome device .


Yea I know! The go-to streaming service is Netflix but if you are looking for something different that offers everything from tar-studded movies, groundbreaking documentaries, comedy, sports  and much more – all commercial-free then you should consider getting a Subscription.

The platform offers everything from the latest episodes of your favorite shows to the ShowTime Championship Boxing live or on demand.

The frequent addition of content is also a plus and you even download episodes of your favourite shows for watching when not connected to the internet.

Downloading the SHOWTIME app on the play store qualifies you for a 7-day free trial, then only $10.99/month.

If you ask me, SHOWTIME is a perfect Netflix alternative (save for Popcorn Time) and a perfect addition to the list of apps in your new Chromebook.


Cheap yet-functional Chromebooks specifically aimed at the education section might be the core of Google’s business model for the platform but they aren’t the only offerings.

High end Chromebooks are typically considered the norm for enthusiasts and artists looking to push the platform to its limits in regards it capabilities.

The app isn’t Photoshop but makes up for its shortcomings by embracing a large catalog of features baked elegantly enough to embrace a smooth and intuitive design layout .

Unlike similar programs, SkectchBook’s UI stays completely stays out of your way by going incognito until you’re ready to snag a pencil or brush. This helps keep you focused on what is important, your creativity.


If you use your Chromebook for everything, then there will be a time when you use your device for simple tasks like note-taking.

Note taking is one of the less-intense tasks your device might never have to do and because of this, you probably might think to get a special app for simply taking notes might be unnecessary but this is far froom the case.

With the right app, notetaking can be an amazing experience and Squid- – an app for note taking and markups — does exactly that.

Using an amazingly crafted Vector Graphics engine, one of the most exciting features of the app is allowing you to write beautiful notes at zoom levels.

Its other features include erasing entire words or just a single letter using the stroke eraser — you can even copy/paste move and resize using the stroke eraser.


Chromebooks do come with a pre-installed media player but this program pales in comparison to other media-centric apps like VLC offer.

Installing VLC has become a tradition on almost every platform and Chromebooks are no exception.

You can get VLC on your Chrome device through several means including the Play Store and the app can play any video and audio files, as well as network streams, network shares and drives, and more.

VLC for Android also comes with a full audio player, with a complete database, an equalizer, and filters, that can play almost any file format.


Chromebooks can be anything you want them to be and there is always an app to serve the best experience.

I love getting some downtime by listening to songs from my favorite artist and Spotify offers one of the best platforms for a free music streaming service.

The best way to enjoy the full experience of the platform is installing the Android version on your Chrome devices.

This app lets you listen to free music from trending artists and popular albums, or download songs to create your own favorite playlist.

Microsoft Outlook

The defialt mailing app for all Chromebooks is Google’s Gmail platform. Makes sense since everything is synronise with your gmail account.

But, in any case, if you are looking for something with a smooth interface and support for every know email platform, the Microsoft’s Outlook app should be perfect for your Chromebook.

The company has made its intentions clear by focusing large chunks of its efforts on making incredibly functional apps for its platforms and that includes its email client.

Some of its features include seamless inbox management with a focused inbox that displays your most important messages first, swipe gestures and smart filters.

INKredible PRO

If Squid doesn’t do it for you then I willing to bet that you find INKredible PRO a good enough alternative. The app uses a similar vector graphic engine to create an incredible writing experience on touch-based Chrome devices.

The was part of the freebies added to new Chromebook purchases but you can get the Android app separately through the Play Store.

Geting the app grants to some interesting goodies which include 9$ worth of in-app purchases for free.

INKredible Handwriting Note – Apps on Google Play


If you use Slack to communicate with your team on projects, then getting the standalone Android app to continue the conversation on your Chromebook should be your next logical step.

Getting the app will help you organize your conversations by topics, projects, or anything else that matters to the kind of work you are doing.

You can Message or call any person or group within your team, share and edit documents and collaborate with the people you work with through Slack

Slack also be seamlessly integrated with other services including Google Drive, Dropbox and so much more.

Slack Logo
Slack Logo

Adobe Illustrator Draw

As mentioned before, Chromebooks have become a great choice for creative work and Adobe has made sure that the platform isn’t left behind by making some of its best programs accessible through the Play Store. One of these well-refined creative programs is Adobe Illustrator.

You can use the app to create vector artwork with image and drawing layers you can send to Adobe Illustrator CC or to Photoshop CC.

The app also allows you to sketch with five different pen tips with adjustable opacity, size and color.


With data breaches becoming a rampant occurrence, having a password manager to safeguard all your passwords has become a traditional security practice.

One of the best password managers is 1Password as the app can help you remember all your passwords, and keeps them safe and secure with one strong password to save them all.

Additionally, the platform can help you create stronger and more secure passwords making it harder for anyone to just guess/hack their way into your account.

Are you currently using any of the apps listed in this article? You can share your experience with us in the comments.

Also, as you may know, this list doesn’t stop here; it goes on in the form of the following:

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