ItsChromeOS and The Future Ahead

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11 months ago, ItsChromeOS was born with a vision to add to the dynamics of the Chrome OS publishing space. We ventured into this category uncertain of what prospects it held but we’ve been acclimatizing ourselves ever since (albeit slowly) to the Chrome OS atmosphere as a team.

We’re proud of our progress so far and are continually working on crafting an experience that is worthy of your time and unique in all ramifications. Our sole intent is to give back to the community as well as create a haven where Chrome OS users can broaden their perspective on the platform as well as grow with us.

We understand our endeavors will have to stand the trials of time and not only do we hope to emerge fulfilled every time, but we also hope it’s a culture we can maintain. To top it off, we’re humbled by your readership and are motivated to do better.

Furthermore, some of our team members are undergoing crucial training while the rest are actively working on crafting the Chrome OS experience we envision for the future. It is for this reason that we’ve been unable to actively post articles and that, unfortunately, won’t change anytime soon. We’re, however, committed and remain excited for what’s to come and we hope you’ll continue to stick around!

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Jesse Afolabi

I founded ItsChromeOS in 2018 to spread the word on the future of Chrome OS with a passionate team of enthusiasts. Care about Chrome OS Flex? We cover that too! ItsChromeOS isn't your average blogging space, it's a Chrome-first space for the everyone using Chrome OS. Support our vision here:

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