Google is Releasing New Privacy-Centric Tools For Developers

Published by Lamin Kanteh on

Google’s newfound privacy-driven trajectory has pointed to another destination with the company releasing an open-source version of the differential privacy library to developers.

The search giant is hoping this will allow developers, especially those working with data-driven platforms, to be able to create tools that can help them work with large piles of sensitive aggregated data without revealing personally identifiable information of who or what the data belongs to.

According to Miguel Guevara, Product Manager at the Privacy and Data Protection Office “Differentially-private data analysis is a principled approach that enables organizations to learn from the majority of their data while simultaneously ensuring that those results do not allow any data to be distinguished or re-identified.”

What this means is that companies that need your data to improve services and products they offer to you would still be able to shuffle through huge chunks of data gathered, find what they are looking for, and still won’t be able to tie individual bits of information to individual sources.

In the end, user privacy will be protected without hampering attempts to improve products or services.

The platform will make it easy for developers to gain access to readily available features are usually a pain to build from scratch.

Google is offering a newer version of the Apache-licensed C++ library with an emphasis on these hard to create tools while simultaneously handing out additional tools like Statistical Functions, Rigorous testing, as well a Ready to Use mechanic which the company said will help developers decide whether a tool is right for them or not.

With how much our daily lives are heavily reliant on technology, fighting data collection by companies like Google is all but a futile endeavor.

However, the search giant opening the gates to core drivers of its main products to wider access would pave the way for the responsible collection and handling of user data thereby protecting our privacy.

Lamin Kanteh

I live, breath, and dream technology. I've only known myself to push the boundaries on what's possible in my mental scope in relation to technology. And having been a writer for the good part of the past three years (covering varying subjects on the major mobile platforms), No place has ever felt more like home than Chrome OS. And as you may know, Chrome OS is ushering us into a future of the unknown and I'm here to help in the process of easing the way into that future via ItsChromeOS.

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