Features You Should Expect From Chrome’s Next Stable Release

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I have come to realize that being at the forefront of a development circle— for example, running Canary builds of the Chrome Browser— is a pleasantly adventurous endeavor despite its many unpleasant drawbacks.

Using your device as a testbed for sometimes shaky features is risky for obvious reasons but you are making sure a certain program runs as intended when everybody eventually gets a chance to try it.

The Chrome browser is the foundation upon which Chrome OS stands upon and the crown jewel of Google’s many creations.

The company has been hard work in a bid to improve Chrome’s overall scope by not only making it artistic pleasing but also through how data is handled and presented and how securely that data is accessed and shared.

With the stable version of the browser heading to devices on September 10, here are some of the interesting features you should expect to see once the Chrome version 77 hits your device. 

Secure Contact Picker For Websites 

When you access certain online platforms for the first time, you are usually greeted with a prompt that asked for access to your contacts. This is prominent among platforms that offer social media content and the aim is to refine the suggestion of content the platform thinks you might be interested in. 

With the release of Chrome 77, Google is making available a Contact picker API in the hopes of creating a secure environment where users will have full control over what aspects of their contacts is being shared. 

Though limited to only a few websites due to it being part of the new Origin Trails initiative, the platform is expected to become widely adopted and will work across the spectrum even with Windows 10’s People app. 

Google Assistant Coming to More Chromebooks 

When Google first launched the Pixelbook, it came with Google Assistant baked in and for two years, non-Pixelbook users had to expectantly wait for the feature to arrive on their devices. Google spent much of that time quietly testing out Assistant on devices that aren’t Pixelbooks.

People have actually been enjoying the feature but according to this, post from 9to5google it does, however, require certain intricate steps that might be difficult to comprehend for the average user.

On Chrome 77, the feature is expected to make its way to more Chromebooks though not all Chrome OS-powered devices will get it.

More Options For Background and Theme

The Chrome browser has gone through multiple design iteration as what is considered artistically pleasing changes over time. However, more recent updates to the Browser has seen users given more control over what they want Chrome to look and feel like. 

Chrome 77 is adding more customization options that users can explore. It includes changing what you want the background to look like with options to choose pre-available images or pick one locally. There is also the color option that you can toggle or what shortcuts you want to be displayed in the new tab.


Other additions being made to the browser includes a revamped welcome screen with a long list of under-the-hood changes mostly aimed at developers.

There is also the Origin Trials addition coming to Chrome 77 where individuals and organizations can test new features for their usability, practicality, and effectiveness to the web standards community.

This would foster a better relationship between Google and its clientele, in turn, creating a more profound user experience.

Get a detailed peek at what is arriving with Chrome 77 here!

Lamin Kanteh

I live, breath, and dream technology. I've only known myself to push the boundaries on what's possible in my mental scope in relation to technology. And having been a writer for the good part of the past three years (covering varying subjects on the major mobile platforms), No place has ever felt more like home than Chrome OS. And as you may know, Chrome OS is ushering us into a future of the unknown and I'm here to help in the process of easing the way into that future via ItsChromeOS.

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