New Images Of The Upcoming Asus Chromebook Flip Pops Up In The Wild

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There have been murmurs about Asus introducing a spec-heavy Chromebook that would supposedly give the Pixelbook a run for its money. And up until recently, news about the mysterious device rarely made the headlines. 

An FCC filing did however popped the lid off the Asus Chromebook Flip C433 giving us our first true glimpse of the device’s external design language while also confirming some purported rumors that Asus is indeed making a Pixelbook clone though details about what’s inside arent’ currently available.

The filling also brought to light some important features of the Chromebook including the device’s dimension and length, display properties as well as possible connector positions,

According to the images that accompanied the FCC filling, there will be two USB-C ports one on each side of the device and possibly a USB Type-A and card reader both on the right, with the headphone jack positioned on the left.

The images that were presented from the filling did give a glimpse at some of the features we should expect when the Asus Chromebook Flip C433 eventually hit the shelves, but it didn’t give a full and clear representation of the Chromebook’s overall appearance. 

Kevin from Aboutchromebooks has claimed to have obtained official images of the Asus Chromebook Flip C433. The images he posted with his article were clearer and gives us a more accurate look at the device. It reveals some more details like possible processor –since there aren’t any vents it won’t from Core series —, thickness and possibly weight.

From the pictures, you could make out the appearance of a USB Type-A port —something that was missing from the Pixelbook–, possible speaker position and sturdy hinges that could hold the device firmly place when tent mode.

The recent images didn’t show any stylus bay so you are going to be limited to only using your fingers when the device is in tablet mode but Asus could surprise us by releasing Pen Accessories for the Chromebook. 

Other than that, everything else seems to be as you were since the FCC filling, but we will keep our eyes piled for any new developments. 

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