Deal Alert! Google is Offering 21 Percent Off Some of Its Hardware

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Google is twenty-one years and the mega search entity is throwing a huge party with a mega 21% off on all its products. Google’s hardware line includes the incredible Pixel handsets, Chromecast, Pixelbooks, or even the Google Home speaker. 

Basically, almost every hardware under the “Made by Google” brand is up for grabs making it the perfect opportunity to lay your hands on that sweet Pixel 3 you love but was too exuberantly price to actually buy. 

Naturally, price on “old” hardware tends to go down as soon a new variation is announced but if you are someone who prefers to buy devices that are a year old should be happy to learn that included in the discount is the much-raved Pixel 3. 

Probably the best Android handset, the Pixel 3 which would normally sell for over £739 is £155 off taking its price point to as low as £584 if you live in the UK.

The is, however, is only available to those residing in Europe and some products seem to be excluded.

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The products not part of the deal includes a subscription to Nest Aware —a subscription services for Nest Cam users that allows them to stored recorded videos to the cloud for thirty days— Google Stadia Preorders are also off as well as the Pixel 3a smartphone which is a bit of a bummer.

Residents of the UK can use Promo Code B-GOOGLE21 and must provide an address when placing an order. 

Feeling left out? maybe you should take a look at this sweet Pixel Slate deal that isn’t geo-restricted.

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