Samsung Finally Takes The Wraps Off The Chromebook 4

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Samsung Chromebook 4

If you are a person not into buying expensive Chromebooks or just someone looking for a secondary system that isn’t going to break the bank then you should be happy that Samsung has launched a new device under the sub $300 category.

Samsung launched the Chromebook 3 about four years ago but it would seem the Korea-based company shelved any plans for a sequel after the device’s initial launched.

 But that assumption was debunked a few days ago when the company announced it is bringing to the masses two entries under its major Chromebook lineup, the Samsung Chromebook 4 and larger version dubbed the Chromebook 4+.

The base model of the two will feature an 11.6-inch display and the other offering a larger 15.6-inches with a starting price of $229.99 for the smaller model and $299.99 for its bigger cousin.

Though the devices won’t be breaking any records spec-wise, they do however offer just about enough to handle moderate to basic tasks.

Both Chromebooks will ship with Intel Celeron N4000 processors with multi-option storage and RAM configurations for the devices. You can pick up either a 4/6GB of RAM and Storage combination or 8/64GB variants depending on your choice.

Either of the Chromebook 4s will feature USB-C ports for charging and rapid file transfer with the 11.6-inch model housing a single USB-C port, while the 15.6-inch model has two. Both devices have one USB Type-A port and headphone / microphone-in jack.

Battery-wise, the bigger 15.6-inch version or the Samsung Chromebook 4 Plus comes with a shorter duration offering up to 10.5 hours and the smaller version getting you about 12.5 hours of battery life.

At the price point, the devices are perfect for what they can accomplish though I’d advise waiting a little longer for the Pixelbook Go if you eyeing something with a lot more power.

Samsung Chromebook 4 and Chromebook 4 Plus

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