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Pixelbook !


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A week ago, we covered an article asserting the claim that the Pixelbook Go is not the Pixelbook 2 you’ve been waiting for and that bold assertion has just been reinforced with the video below from our colleagues over at 9to5Google

Pixelbook Go

Basically we said that this device was an undercut version of the Pixelbook that we’ve come to know and love. And at the time, I thought it was a farfetched claim but having watched this video, I’m quite certain that the Pixelbook Go is in fact not the Pixelbook 2 you were hoping for.
YouTube as a social network?
Pixelbook Go top
Frontal view

As seen from the prototype in the video, the main takeaway is the clamshell design and a look akin to the Macbook in the sense that there is no particular sense of originality to as it is basically meant to woo the typical Macbook user to Chrome OS. Granted, however, it has a particularly nice combination of colors and oh those rubberized grips underneath; they do the device justice.
It’s certainly about time!
Pixelbook Go rubberized base
Rubberized rear

The Pixelbook Go certainly takes a drastic approach in regards to the design of a clamshell while still appealing and my best guess is that it will be released in the same color Models as Pixel 4. This will effectively aid consistency across their device offerings in tandem with material design.

Pixelbook Go specs:

So far so good, we may expect display options of 1080P FHD, and 2160P 4k: RAM options in the range of that of the Pixel Slate before it: 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. Face recognition is in tow and lastly, Intel’s 8th gen range of low-powered mobile chips.
A subscription we can get behind!

Anyway. My money is still on the Pixelbook 2 as a separate device [entirely] to be announced together with the Pixelbook Go. Otherwise, just the Pixelbook Go and we may not see a Pixelbook 2 update until next year? Next two years? Who knows. 

But hey, keep it to tuned to ItsChromeOS and we’ll update you as soon as we learn more.

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