Google Brings It’s .new’ Domain to Even More Platforms Including Spotify and Microsoft

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About a week ago, Google expanded its “.new” links to its calendar app where users can instantaneously create new calendar events straight from Chrome’s address bar.

The feature has been around for over year but was only limited to Docs, Sheets, and Forms and it was meant to be a time-saving mechanic helping those who are constant users of the company’s productivity products.

The company today announced it’s bringing the service to the masses allowing non-Google platforms to attach their services to the .new shortcut domains.

Already, arch-rivals Microsoft and Music streaming platform Spotify have snatched up some of these domains with the former now having a “” domain to start a new word document and the latter opting for “” to start adding songs to a new playlist on its streaming app.

Microsoft and Spotify aren’t the only ones grabbing the .new shortcuts for their services as others including eBay (, Canva ( and, and eight more shortcuts have already been claimed.

Google is hoping its new .new shortcut initiative will help cut short the steps required to complete certain actions but admitted that some of the .new shortcut domains need to be polished

This is because for the service to perform optimally, it needs a medium that you are continuously signed in to —most of Google’s services are web-based and tightly integrated with Chrome — like Docs when using your Gmail account with the Chrome browser.

Google Search

However, the search giant said any company can register for these .new domains, all of which are secured over HTTPS connections like .app, .page and .dev domains are.

Trademark owners can also register their trademarked .new domains through January 14, 2020, And according to the company, starting December 2, 2019, anyone can apply for a .new domain during the Limited Registration Period.

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