Progressive Web Apps Comes to Galaxy App Store

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Samsung Galaxy App Store

Progressive Web Apps were introduced to expand the lackluster usability of apps especially those whose web interface display a more robust feature set than their app counterparts.

Chrome and Chrome OS is to Google as Safari and Mac OS is to Apple or Windows and Edge to Microsoft and for it to ever stand a chance to compete with either offering, the Chrome platform needs the programs it runs to have the same if not more sets of features that Tech Geeks are accustomed to with rival platforms.

In a bid to push for faster adaptability, Google made it possible for developers to post their PWAs on the Play Store through the company’s Trusted Web Activities platform.

Vying for more avenues to get PWA into the wild, Google is partnering with Samsung to bring the platform to the Galaxy App Store.

The partnership will bring Progressive Web Apps to the Samsung Galaxy Store tagging it as the first third-party app store to support the platform.

Samsung will now allow app developers to add their own variants of a web app to its store by sharing the URL on App creators won’t be alone in the deployment of their programs as the OEM will guide them through the process and even help with the needed licensing agreements of the apps.

Several PWA have already been added to the store but as of yet, the program is only limited to the US Galaxy store with the company a little vague on details about a potential global rollout.

It could be that Samsung wants to test Progressive Web Apps through a single store first to gauge how it is adopted and integrated before opening it up to other markets. This could, however, be a first of many as more people use PWA, more developers will be willing to spend resources making them.


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