Google to Release Android Game SDK To Help Developers Create Better Android Games

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Android Game SDK

Stadia –Google’s game streaming service scheduled to launch tomorrow– isn’t the tech company’s only gaming project. Not long ago, there was a report about a purported Gaming hub coming to the Chrome browser.

Though, this project only focuses on only browser-based games. it does indicate a new taste for gaming from a company best know for Search and YouTube.

Games are now a huge part of Google’s big business plan and it is not just cloud and browser-based games, the company seems to prioritize all frontiers including Android.

About a year ago, the silicon valley titan began the development of an open-source Android Project centered around making games a lot more fluid.

The project has quietly churn along ever since as the team behind it continuously stack code to it. Dubbed “Android Game SDK,” the new platform aims to help developers create better games. The new SDK allows developers to integrate the Android Frame Pacing library to their Game engines.

Before a full-blown released was scheduled, Google worked hand in hand with Unity where Android Pacing Library was merged with the Game engine.

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This allows games to maintained constant framerates and low input latency while doing away with issues like inconsistent frame drops and internal buffer overstuffing.

The idea is to create a very straight line between User input, rendering API, and the output frame resulting in a smooth gaming experience.

Android Frame pacing won’t be the only feature available when the Android Game SDK finally arrives. Features like Display buffer synchronization, Auto-refresh rate mode and pipelining support among other things will be available.

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