How Google Fiber and Doom 2016 Inspired Stadia

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Google Stadia

Stadia is Google’s newest pet project (let’s hope it doesn’t get axed after the first year) and the Califonia-based multi-continental conglomerate is promising industry-shifting ideas with its new Game-streaming platform.

Talk about Stadia — then Project Stream– have been loud since the company first tested one-of-kind AAA game played with nothing but a Chromebook, Gamepad and an internet connection.

Those that were lucky enough to test out Stadia praised the idea and execution but lament limited access to Gigabit internet–Project Stream required at least 25mb/s internet speeds — as one of the issues that would work against the platform.

However, back then, Google was only showing off what can only be described as a prototype and as it would turn out, the final iteration was much more inclusive.

Stadia is slated to launch on the 19th and if you’ve been following itschromeos, we’ve extensively covered some interesting info about Google’s Game Streaming Service.

Google Stadia Controller Founders Edition

As the full release date draws closer, Google is dolling out information pertaining to Stadia including how the idea first came about and what challenges the team faced building its online game service.

Here is the video from IGN covering the inception of Stadia and inspirations the team relied on while building a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Make sure to keep an eye out on our Forum. We are prepping some surprises as soon as Stadia drops.

Feel free to share your thoughts, expectations and the games you are looking forward to play on Stadia with us in the comments.

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