Crostini Will Now Use Debian 10 as The Default Linux Container

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Crostini Upgrade

Stadia seem to take all the spotlight this week but it isn’t Google’s only big project hitting milestones. Google made sure those on the fence about a game streaming platform continue staying on the fence after announcing several key features won’t be available on day-one for Stadia.

Though the Califonia-based mega tech company did try to lift the spirits of that let down by the Reddit AMA by stating the features will come, eventually and a Stadia Controller phone mount, many are left wondering if this is another project Google will inevitably axe.

To turn your attention a little bit away from Stadia, there is movement in the Chromium Gerrit spotted by Rahman at XDA Developers to suggest that Google is planning a huge upgrade to Crostini.

As you are aware Crostini is the Linux container added to Chromebooks allowing them to basically run Linux apps. This was Google’s initiative to make Chrome OS-powered devices more enticing to Developers and power-users.

The current Linux Container is powered by Debian 9 “Stretch” but the new commit suggests upgrading it to new Debian 10 “Buster.”

chrome loves linux

Debian 10 arrived during the early parts of this year but the company wasn’t ready for a wide adoption since it has to run several tests and take care of bugs that might hamper user experience. Now that the upgrade is ready, Debian 10 “Buster” is primed and will be enabled as a default Linux container for newer Chromebooks arriving with Crostini.

However, Google didn’t give details about what this means for older Chromebooks with Linux running on Debian 9 “Strech” or how it intends to migrate them to the latest container.

Debian 10 is expected to bring improved Linux application support, new features, and a host of several improvements.


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