Google Drive Getting New Search UI and Starting Tab

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Google Drive Logo

Your Google Drive folder embedded in your Chromebook is the most secure place to keep your important files especially those you have downloaded from the internet.

The Download folder, despite being the default storage location for all downloaded data, the folder is somewhat a temporal location and the first place Chrome OS looks for files to delete when your Chromebook runs out of storage space.

Google Drive Logo

Despite its integration with Chromebooks, Google Drive is a separate entity constantly maintained by Google. The company seems to be rearranging the app’s UI to make user interactions feel more fluid.

XDA developers, best known for opening up apps and seeing how their insides work have managed to catch some interesting features before they hit the larger public and according to a recent post, Google Drive is getting a new starting tab.

According to the findings, the next update for Google Drive will allow users to configure what tab they want to be opened when the app is launched.

Called “Starting Tab” you can find the option to activate it under settings within the main Google Drive app just right under the home section.

Additionally, there are new UI configurations being cooked up by Google as a member of the XDA developers team would discover. The UI redesign now shows all the search parameters and users right at the top under the search bar.


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