“Pixel NotePad”; Alleged Potential Foldable: A Worthy Pixelbook Companion?

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Google Notepad

Why the Alleged Pixel NotePad May be the Perfect Companion to the Pixelbook Nerds out There

More like my thoughts on the “Pixel NotePad”

Edit: I initially mentioned “Nearby Share” but intended “Phone Hub”

The worrying absence of a well-renowned successor to the lineup of tablets from Google like the Pixel C and follow-up cousin to the Pixelbook, Pixel Slate was for all intents a disaster unfolding. This statement is made in regards to the phased-out Pixel Slate series.

Whew, a long opening statement indeed. 

As an avid tech user, my desire for a worthy successor to the line of devices that have defined the phablets to tablets categories in the ecosystem of Android mobile devices is essentially what inspired me to write this article.

From the Nexus 7-10 series that captured the developer community to the Pixel C and Pixel Slate that took a more defined approach towards the general market, many are grateful for the Android-Esque breakthroughs said devices powered at the time.

To highlight the Android and Chrome OS operating systems in these respective shells(Pixel C and Slate), it shows that there’s great success to be made now that Android apps are continually blurring the lines. 

Let me explain: For what it’s worth, there are three public-serving operating systems managed by Google, Android, Chrome OS, and Fuchsia basically utilizing Android apps. So what I’m I saying here?  I’m giving in to the temptation of an elusive Pixel NotePad that may JUST ship as a perfect Chrome OS(Pixelbook) companion. A symbiotic relationship, so to speak.

Of course, I’m aware of “Phone Hub” and how that’s constantly evolving but


So we’ve had features in the past that were basically exclusive to Pixels. This is a long tradition and indeed, it could be applied to the potential of the “NotePad” as the perfect companion to the Pixelbook with software features that go beyond “Phone Hub” for a more symbiotic relationship that other Android Chrome OS OEMs will love to emulate.

Also, consider the evolution of the individual device categories and how they’ve coincided over the years to the effect of a blurred representation in the market. 

The Wild Acclaim of an Upcoming “NotePad”

May I draw an intersection of a relational Chrome OS device? specific to my opinion piece from a while back, Time to Bring Chrome OS to Android 

Given the recent launch of the Pixel 6 series of devices, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is in fact the direction that we very much hoped for … a vertically oriented approach to the whole ecosystem of devices under the respective categories of mobile and the internet of everything. 

Drawing from the first-gen Tensor chipset in the Pixel 6 series, the wild rumor from 9to5Google directly pointed at continuation Tensor in Google’s family of devices. In this specific case, the Notepad.

This stands as a unique opportunity for Google to showcase Android differently like they have a benchmark so to speak for this category of devices that’s remains relatively undefined. 

The overall phablet category benefited immensely from Samsung’s innovative approach at devices that scaled past the traditional 5”. Yet again, a moment like that is taking shape with the foldable category. Only time will tell who gets left behind.

Additionally, the rumor mill purports an accompanying stylus that may be bundled with the device. This is especially comforting since I lost my Pixelbook pen. Fingers crossed it supports it.

Perhaps if there’s anything at all to be excited about, I’d reckon it to be the first showcase of natively Android 12L.

A typical case that may be argued against will be the rumored starting price of $1799 which is there about the current price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Furthermore, there’s the case of exclusivity as the international community is already familiar with it. Of course, I’m talking about the potential of it being initially limited to the US market at first. 

What do you think?

Source(s): 9to5Google

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