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apt Linux command on chromeOS

apt tool is a relatively new higher-level package manager for Debian-based operating systems including Ubuntu and derivatives. 

  apt – command-line interface

apt is a command-line package manager and provides commands forsearching and managing as well as querying information about packages.
It provides the same functionality as the specialized APT tools,
like apt-get and apt-cache, but enables options more suitable for
interactive use by default.

Most used commands:

list – list packages based on package names
search – search in package descriptions
show – show package details
install – install packages
reinstall – reinstall packages
remove – remove packages
autoremove – Remove automatically all unused packages
update – update list of available packages
upgrade – upgrade the system by installing/upgrading packages
full-upgrade – upgrade the system by removing/installing/upgrading packages
edit-sources – edit the source information file



       apt [-h] [-o=config_string] [-c=config_file] [-t=target_release]

           [-a=architecture] {list | search | show | update |

           install pkg [{=pkg_version_number | /target_release}]…  |

           remove pkg…  | upgrade | full-upgrade | edit-sources |

           {-v | –version} | {-h | –help}}



       apt is the latest iteration in a series of package managers for Debian-based systems that are optimized to provide an advanced terminal for package management. Apt is more suited for beginners as it’s better suited for interactive usage for an optimal shell experience Other tools like apt-get and apt-cache are a little more specialized.


$ sudo apt update


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