Our Team

Aliu Sima Fatty, Spanish Translator

A carefree nomad who's native to Spain and nerdy to the core. I spend a good amount of time with friends and I'm just as multilingual as they come.

I live, breath, and dream technology. I've only known myself to push the boundaries on what's possible in my mental scope in relation to technology. And having been a writer for the good part of the past three years (covering varying subjects on the major mobile platforms), No place has ever felt more like home than Chrome OS. And as you may know, Chrome OS is ushering us into a future of the unknown and I'm here to help in the process of easing the way into that future via ItsChromeOS.

Jesse Afolabi itschromeos

Having been a technical writer for over 4 years, and co-founded Fossmint.com in 2016, I took my passion to the next level with the founding of Itschromeos.com which so happens to revolve around my love for open-source technologies and Chrome OS. It's my hope to venture into new avenues in the tech universe and take you with me on that ride.

Josephine Asogwa, Database Manager

My passion for the tech industry started off in 2015 where I covered articles on Android related subjects on TheDroidReview. Today, I'm branching out to the relatively new territory of Chrome OS and I'm loving it!


caleb itschromeos

Remove the spec from your eyes and forget that which is in mine...I can't help myself but I can help tech whenever I get the chance!

I'm your all-around Mr. Nice tech nerd who's an avid programmer and lover of all-things-tech. I enjoy helping people and spend some time on here every now and then!

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