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Alias Linux command on ChromeOS

alias is a useful shell tool that enables you to create aliases or shortcuts for the Linux directories (including custom directories of your own) in your Chrome OS system.

alias command as a popular Linux utility will help you simplify the task of using multiple commands. This app is used to change the name of a command in the command line, that so you can replace them with the name of another command. It gives the user the ability to change the name of the command without removing it from command line history. A command alias is a replacement of a set of commands with a different name.

a built-in command for creating aliases (shortcuts) to a Linux command on a system. It is helpful for creating new/custom commands from existing Shell/Linux commands (including options):

$ alias home=’cd /home/’

$ alias start=’cd /home/itschromeos/jesse’


As exemplified above, the commands will create respective aliases of “Home” and “Start” for both “/home/itschromeos/public_html” and “cd /home/itschromeos/jesse” respectively


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