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at Linux command on chromeOS

at command is a rather simple command effective in scheduling tasks to run at a specified time in the future and requires you to install it first as it doesn’t come native chromeOS.

install at command in chromeOS using:

$ sudo apt install at

As a dumbed-down alternative to cron and anacron, it is able to run a single task once at a future time without the risk of editing configuration files on your Chrome OS system.

An example use-case is shutting down your system at a specific time, in this case, 10:44am

$ sudo echo “shutdown -h now” | at -m 10:44


Usage: at [-V] [-q x] [-f file] [-mMlbv] timespec …
at [-V] [-q x] [-f file] [-mMlbv] -t time
at -c job …
atq [-V] [-q x]
at [ -rd ] job …
atrm [-V] job …


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