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adduser, addgroup Linux command on ChromeOS

adduser, addgroup – add a user or group to the system

Adduser is a free, open-source command-line user interface to Linux 9plus derivatives – like Chrome OS) and other Unix-like operating systems (such as FreeBSD).

The adduser command is a login shell command that users must type in order to get SSH access to a Linux environment on the network. It accesses the useradd and passwd commands and offers various network security options. 

The adduser and addgroup commands are used to add a user and group to the system respectively according to the default configuration specified in /etc/adduser.conf file.

In short, adduser command is a command that provides a GUI for the IP address and other configuration information. It’s often used to manage the user accounts on Unix-like operating systems (e.g. Linux, Mac OS X). For example, it can be used to create a user account (e.g. “adduser Chromer”), or to add another user to the existing user account (e.g. “adduser voyager2”).


       adduser  [options]  [–home  DIR]  [–shell  SHELL]  [–no-create-home]

       [–uid ID] [–firstuid ID] [–lastuid ID] [–ingroup GROUP | –gid  ID]

       [–disabled-password]  [–disabled-login]  [–gecos  GECOS]  [–add_ex‐

       tra_groups] user


       adduser –system [options] [–home DIR] [–shell  SHELL]  [–no-create-

       home]  [–uid  ID]  [–group | –ingroup GROUP | –gid ID] [–disabled-

       password] [–disabled-login] [–gecos GECOS] user


       addgroup [options] [–gid ID] group


       addgroup –system [options] [–gid ID] group


       adduser [options] user group


$ sudo adduser chromie


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