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agetty Linux command on chromeOS

Are you looking to manage physical or virtual terminals? Agethy is the ultimate alternative to Linux getty. As a system program, agetty will enable you to manage physical or virtual terminals and it’s invoked by init


In the event that a connection is detected, agetty opens a tty port, makes a request for a user’s login name and calls up the /bin/login command.



       agetty [options] port [baud_rate…] [term]



       agetty  opens  a  tty  port,  prompts  for a login name and invokes the

       /bin/login command.  It is normally invoked by init(8).


       agetty has several non-standard features that are useful for  hardwired

       and for dial-in lines:


  •     Adapts  the tty settings to parity bits and to erase, kill, end-

              of-line and uppercase characters when it  reads  a  login  name.

              The  program can handle 7-bit characters with even, odd, none or

              space parity, and 8-bit characters with no parity.  The  follow‐

              ing special characters are recognized: Control-U (kill); DEL and

              backspace (erase); carriage return and line feed (end of  line).

              See also the –erase-chars and –kill-chars options.


$ agetty -L 9600 ttyS1 vt100


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