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agetty Linux command on ChromeOS

agetty is an open-source command-line-based logging utility for Linux systems designed to be lightweight, with minimal resources usage. agetty logs both system messages and files generated by the system, such as files opened by programs or files created by operating system programs.

Are you looking to manage physical or virtual terminals? Agethy is the ultimate alternative to Linux getty. As a system program, agetty will enable you to manage physical or virtual terminals and it’s invoked by init

In the event that a connection is detected, agetty opens a tty port, makes a request for a user’s login name and calls up the /bin/login command.



       agetty [options] port [baud_rate…] [term]



       agetty  opens  a  tty  port,  prompts  for a login name and invokes the

       /bin/login command.  It is normally invoked by init(8).


       agetty has several non-standard features that are useful for  hardwired

       and for dial-in lines:


  •     Adapts  the tty settings to parity bits and to erase, kill, end-

              of-line and uppercase characters when it  reads  a  login  name.

              The  program can handle 7-bit characters with even, odd, none or

              space parity, and 8-bit characters with no parity.  The  follow‐

              ing special characters are recognized: Control-U (kill); DEL and

              backspace (erase); carriage return and line feed (end of  line).

              See also the –erase-chars and –kill-chars options.


$ agetty -L 9600 ttyS1 vt100


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