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zz Command

zz command is one of the default aliases listed below is a designated entity of the fasd command-line tool that is effective in aiding you to quickly access the directories and files in your Debian Linux system.

alias a='fasd -a'        # any
alias s='fasd -si'       # show / search / select
alias d='fasd -d'        # directory
alias f='fasd -f'        # file
alias sd='fasd -sid'     # interactive directory selection
alias sf='fasd -sif'     # interactive file selection
alias z='fasd_cd -d'     # cd, same functionality as j in autojump
alias zz='fasd_cd -d -i' # cd with interactive selection

-s list paths with scores
-l list paths without scores
-i interactive mode
-e <cmd> set command to execute on the result file
-b <name> only use <name> backend
-B <name> add additional backend <name>
-a match files and directories
-d match directories only
-f match files only
-r match by rank only
-t match by recent access only
-R reverse listing order
-h show a brief help message
-[0-9] select the nth entry

fasd [-A|-D] [paths …]
-A add paths
-D delete paths

It is used to quickly and interactively cd into a previously accessed directory. This can be done by selecting the directory number.


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